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Bangladesh is a food-loving country. In festivals, family occasions, and get-togethers people celebrate their moments by enjoying foods, made with locally grown produce and modern packaged products. AKIJ Flour Mills ltd. a flagship company of the Akij Group has come up with the brand SUNSHINE for the food-loving people of the country to deliver the products they actually need to prepare these foods. SUNSHINE has Atta, Maida, Shuji, Aromatic Chinigura Rice, Red Lentil, Virgin Grade Mustard Oil, Puffed rice in its basket, and many more to come. SUNSHINE inspires people to spread the love by preparing and consuming food with their loved one. SUNSHINE uses high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing and packaging all its products. Ensuring the utmost quality with the passion to meet the desire of consumers, Sunshine is not only a product, finally, it's a pack made with love.

About Us

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In this era of mass production, as it is very hard to stand out with one product, Akij
Group focuses on making the best in all sectors.


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